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Fundraising the easy way!

  • Stay local within our community
  • Renewable Cards
  • Residual Funds for your group

As a family business we understand the value of supporting our local community. Here’s how we would like to help support your organization with your fundraising efforts:

Program - How it works:

  1. Your group purchases the WashCards for a minimal cost from us, then, set your sale price. Sell these cards to your family, friends and organization supporters. The proceeds from these sales are for your organizations use. *see chart

  2. When these Washcards are renewed by the cardholder your organization will automatically receive a percentage of the renewal purchase price every quarter.
Price Chart:

Card Value Your Cost per card Sell for Organization Profit per card

Plus Profit from Organization Card Renewals

$15 $5 each $10 $5 + 5% , 10% or 15% of all future renewals
$25 $10 each $20 $10  

The longer you’re with us the more you earn. When the cards are renewed by the cardholder your organization earns the following percentages of the renewal price:

  • First twelve months = 5%
  • After One Year = 10%
  • After Two Years + up = 15%

Checks are sent to your organization automatically every quarter. There is nothing more for you to do.

Benefits to the card holders:

  • Initial support of your organization
  • When they register their card, they can receive a FREE Birthday Wash.
  • When they renew their cards they receive a 20% Bonus to their account.
  • They continually support your organization.

Please call 410-398-2022 or send a request for more information through our “contact us” page.