Family Owned & Operated Since 1964

Store Hours: 

Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9am to 4pm

Soft Touch

Our Touch Free is great but sometimes you may prefer our SOFT TOUCH system.

Touch Free

For those who prefer a NO Touch System, Our Touch Free uses only treated water to maximize the cleaning ability of our specialized detergents.

Self Service

For the do-it-yourselfers we also offer three fully equipped self serve wash bays and one truck/rv wash bay.

Elkton Car Wash, in Cecil County, Maryland is a Professional Car Wash and we are committed to providing our customers with a high quality, convenient and enjoyable car washing experience.

Our Touch-Free Tunnel, Soft Touch Tunnel, Self Serve Wash Bays, Vacuums and Vending Area are OPEN 24hrs/ 7days a week. We have an attendant on duty daily (weather permitting).

Today's Professional Car Wash does more than clean your vehicle, we protect the environment.

Here's why: Driveway and parking lot car washes can cause the soap and road grime, oil, tar and dirt to end up back into our lakes, streams and rivers. As a Professional Car Wash we have always collected the waste water and allowed these things to settle out. Now, we actually process the water and re-use it, saving our planet's most precious resource!


Check Your Account Online!

We have a brand new mobile pay option for our car wash! Manage your account online and make paying for your washes a breeze! Register your cards or your mobile account here today.

**If you had an account previously set up through the Virtual Store Front, please use your same credentials. All usernames and passwords have been migrated to the new system.**